Triste Déserts - A Robots Tale

The filmic-musical result from the baroque- and sci-fi-inspired collaboration between artist/director Stephanie Winter, tenor August Schram and electronic duo Austrian Apparel. Originating in the idea of an audiovisual realization of M.A. Charpentier's lyrical song "Tristes Déserts" and motivated by the constant interaction of image and sound, a baroque-intergalactic musical short film was developed, in which the boundaries between human and machine, between baroque music and electronic sounds become blurred. In a time dominated by artificial intelligence, the extravagant musical short film tells the story of a lonely baroque robot in a battle between good and evil, recalling the magic of the early cinema.


Every day thousands of people cobble together home made videos of themselves and upload them to the Internet. But few of them have such an ambitious mother like this young fellow.

Metube is an music video based on the Habanera of Carmen. Produced in Austria by Daniel Moshel (director) and August Schram

Der Doppelgänger

A man is rushing to catch a train and journeys, in this ordinary vehicle, through his inner landscape, through his own self. Different identities take control over the once forgotten images of his past, and as the journey continues the boundary between the observer and the observed begins to blur. The Protagonist and the puppet master are now bound together by a terrible secret.

Music: „Der Doppelgänger“ from Franz Schubert


I am proud associate producer of this wonderful documentary.

In the mainstream media, synthetic worlds (MMOGs) are mostly portrayed as a fringe phenomenon for social outcasts. Sex, violence, addiction and antisocial behaviour are often at the core of news reports. There seems to be a clear lack of understanding of this new generation ­ the Digital Natives! But not only young folks are wrapped up in virtuality.

Thank you, Daniel, to give us the opportunity for new and exiting insights.